This is what a Billion Dollar Wedding looks like !!

Every wedding has a budget, some are small, some are large but when your daddy is a billionaire oligarch, its mind-blowing!

On Saturday 26th of March 20-year-old dental student Khadija Uzhakhovs married, Billionaire’s son, Said Gutseriev in, what can only be described as, serious extravagant style ! The setting was Safisa, a luxury Moscow venue, quaintly referred to as a restaurant; this palatial venue was host to the gorgeous bride and groom and their 600 nearest and dearest.  Embellished wall to wall with fresh flowers and twinkling lights, even Walt Disney would be jealous of the decor.  The couple’s 600 guests banqueted on European cuisine and sushi, a slightly unusual combination, then again I don’t have a billionaire’s palette.

The Dress

With reports on the dress costing from $25,000 to over $1 million, the Eli Saab creation was certainly befitting of someone marrying into immense wealth. As you would expect, this was a bespoke gown, that weighed 25 pounds. The newly Mrs. Gutseriev’s wedding dress had a tight bodice, long sleeves and a full skirt with folds cascading to the floor, the ensemble had a matching handbag, diamond Tiara and the bride wore a diamond pendent around her neck that would make Tiffany’s blush.

You’d be forgiven to think this was enough bling for the bride to wear, but this girl is one hardcore magpie, check out her ring and its very own bejewelled Faberge Egg. #lifegoals


The Flowers

An ocean of flowers covered nearly every wall and inch in sight and I suspect the spectacular floral decor took up a large portion of that billion dollar budget. Like other wedding industry professionals, I suspect a large portion of the flowers we’re seeing here are silk – the floral build probably took days, if not a week or more and it would be virtually impossible to keep this many flowers fresh and alive unless you had teams of 1’000’s of florists working around the clock… then again they did spend 1 Billion on this day !


The Cake

The wedding cake was an extravagant nine-tier creation, decorated with intricate white icing and layers of pink floral garlands, topped with a star and crescent moon to symbolize the couple’s Muslim faith.  No word on the flavors of each tier but I like to think that each one was more incredible and spectacular than the one before, which possibly was a waste… unless of course it was gluten free, as I suspect most billionaire’s don’t eat wheat [or cake for that matter ?!] #yesiamasynic 

#свадьбагуцериевых #торт

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The Entertainment

The couple clearly have an eclectic taste in music, with not one, not two but three major recording artists entertaining their guests throughout the night.  Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Enrique Iglesias flew in to perform for the night. Jennifer Lopez sang some of her greatest hits including Waiting For Tonight, If You Had My Love and Dance Again.  Sting performed Desert Rose, while Enrique Iglesias sang Bailando.  I can only imagine what the after-party would be like!


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I bet you are wondering what type of wedding favours billionaire’s give? Well, Said and Khadija gave their guests a delicate gold box engraved with the couple’s names and date of the wedding as a thank you gift.

One Billion is a massive amount of money to spend on anything, least of all one day of your life… [ even if it is regarded as one of the most important and happiest ] and if this is your budget am currently considering Billionaire Client’s if you’d like to make contact 😉 

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