Meet Bláithín

The Wedding Expert is none other than Wedding Planner Extraordinaire Bláithín O’ Reilly Murphy. Bláithín has over 13 years experience in the wedding industry and during that time has planned hundreds of weddings & events for couples from all over the world. Bláithin’s past clients include Celebrities, High Profiled Business People, Authors and International Royalty.

Bláithín is also author of Distinctive Weddings; Tying the Knot without the Rope Burns, the first wedding planning book written by an Irish Wedding Planner for the Irish market. In the past she has lectured and mentored those studying Event Management & Wedding Planning and written a Diploma and Post Grad course on Wedding Planning which is available Internationally.

She is regularly quoted in the Irish and International media on all things weddings and speaks around the world to couples and her peers on a  range of wedding related and business topics.

Get to know Bláithín even more…


Blaithin O’ Reilly Murphy

Wedding Planner

I’m Bláithín (pronounced Bla-heen), which means ‘Little Flower’.

As a Wedding Planner, yes, I am obsessed with weddings. It goes with the territory! I love planning, designing, talking, writing and being at them.

Other things I love…. ok, that I can’t live without are, chocolate, Manolo’s, diamonds and mascara.

I live in a sleepy little village near the coast with my darling hubby and our 3 furbabies; marmalade pussy cat Ferdie and snow white puppy dog Tilly Rose and deaf amputee kitty Ivory, who are on occasion joined by some gorgeous little kittens who we foster.

Four totally random things about me;

1. My first proper job was as an Air Hostess. On my first day, I got on the wrong plane, wrong airline & started counting passengers!

2. I am the daughter of a Papal Knight & Dame.

3. When I was little I wanted to be the first Woman President of the United States… pity I was born in Ireland!

4. My all-time favourite food is Red Velvet Cake, but I have to make my own because I am wheat intolerant.

Four Professional Facts about me:

1. I am qualified in both Interior Design and Wedding Planning & Event Management, receiving Merits and Distinctions in both.

2. I am the first Irish Wedding Planner to write a wedding ‘how-to’ book for the Irish Wedding Market, the book is entitled Distinctive Weddings; Tying the Knot without the Rope Burns is available international both in print and for the e-reader.

3. I’ve been planning weddings for over 13 years {has it really been that long}!

4. I recently devised and wrote a Diploma and Post Grad Course{s} in Wedding Planning, that will be available for all to study internationally!