How I found weddings…

How I found weddings…

When I was little my dream was to be the first woman President of the United States or  a Ban Garda {female police woman}. The fact that I was neither American or political didn’t phase me as an 8 year old. Fast forward about 10 years and I became neither. Instead I moved to London and started to travel continental Europe as an Air Hostess.

When I moved back to Dublin to finally study, {yes Dad}, it wasn’t for anything I had listed on any college application; it wasn’t to my father’s Alma Mater as promised, but to study Interior Design & Interior Architecture. I surprised even myself with that choice as my Art teacher and I had very different views on what constituted Art, Style or indeed creative works! But I excelled in the course and most importantly I loved it. What I didn’t realise was that an even bigger love was only around the corner…

Interior Design is great. Building sites are not. Dust and debris is not fun. Nor are builders bottoms. So my grá for my new career didn’t really last that terribly long and the fun I had been having didn’t last terribly long once I got into the work force.

What is fun though is discovering weddings when you’re in the midst of choosing a kitchen colour palette… which is exactly what happened me over 10 years ago.

Wedding PlannerWhile sitting at a client’s kitchen table discussing matching splash blacks and marble counter tops her exasperated son  threw himself down on a chair and said he was giving up! That he never would have proposed if he thought it was going to be this much bother. { I started to feel a little  uncomfortable as his lovely fiancee is stood behind him, with a face like thunder, and at the time, I didn’t do confrontation well!}

It turns out, they couldn’t agree on anything. Or more to the point, the bride really didn’t know what she wanted, and the groom knew he definitely didn’t want pink, which was pretty much all she was showing him. With my trusty colour swatch in hand I lined up a few alternatives, the bride produced a bridal magazine or two and 2 hours later I was hooked and planning their wedding.

After that… well some say the rest is history, but I course it wasn’t as smooth or as easy as ‘bobs your uncle’, nor did I go overnight from being an Interior Designer to being a Wedding Planner… I’ll share more with you on what happened on my journey next time.

How did you fall, land, decide on your chosen career?