You don’t want a Wedding Supplier like this!

You don’t want a Wedding Supplier like this! 

I fear this is going to be long winded and so I apologize in advance. 

A  little over a week ago I attended a wedding fair. I really big one. One that had about 250 wedding suppliers {or so} and probably, over the course of the weekend it ran, about 10,000 visitors. But I really don’t know why some people went or why some wedding suppliers chose to exhibit. 

I had been at this wedding fair and many like it, many times before, but this time, I had different eyes. Previously I had always attended these types of events either as a Wedding Planner or with my clients. This time, for the first time, I attended as a bridesmaid and didn’t say a-thing to anyone who didn’t know me, that I was a Wedding Planner. 

What I saw, heard and experienced was very interesting. 

You see normally when I attend these events my couples have the value or my experience and knowledge. Wedding suppliers are often eager to develop or maintain relationships or at the very least { I suppose} aware they are speaking to a peer. So the conversations {it would seem} are very different. This surprised me. 

Here is a scenario that happened to us at this wedding fair: 

The cast: a bride and 2 bridesmaids and a selection of {yet to booked by our bride} wedding suppliers. 

The goal: book ‘X’ wedding supplier 

We approach the first. They’re lovely, bright, engaging, the product is excellent. The price is reasonable, if a little beyond what she hopes for. We check the date, they’re available. We’re pretty happy, but we’re pragmatic and push on to see what else is available. We meet with others, lovely, nice people, but not as engaging as the first, the quality of the product is not comparable and overall the prices are not as good. We head back to our first, stopping by the ATM enroute to ensure we have the deposit in hand to make our booking. We check the price and date again and ask if a discount is possible, its then we’re introduced to the ‘boss’. 

The situation changes. 

The boss isn’t as lovely, bright or as engaging as his assistant. The price has now changed and the date in question. The lovely, bright and engaging assistant reddens. Things will have to be checked, locations clarified the boss says. {My eyebrows raise higher and higher.} I question the price, because I know we checked this suppliers prices recently for a couple who were interested in hiring them. {This I didn’t say, just pointed that it was different to the price his colleague had given us.} He hmms and haaas; apparently the price changed yesterday, convenient I think. He sees his mistakes and back tracks a little.  Can the show price be kept I ask, {under some duress} yes it can. Will you take the bride’s details I ask, – several times I might add!?

Then comes the answer that changed it all. 


boy-no-no-no-no-copy-2Oh no! Why would I do that he says. {I just about turn on my heel but I want to know the reason.} I’ll meet 300-400 brides this weekend, I don’t have time to reply to them all he pontificates. I see, I say, perhaps not, I say, but perhaps you would for a bride with a booking deposit in their hands? The bride waves the money. It seems still not. We turn and leave, a little shocked, the bride slightly enraged, me bemused… wondering how some people do any business at all. 

That company lost 2 bookings that day. One from the bride and the second from my couple. And despite the good quality of his work, he is not a supplier I will be recommending or considering for any future clients either. 

I’m sure few of you actually need telling why you don’t want to hire someone like this, but just in case there is any doubt, let me spell it out. 

If you’re a couple, looking for a wedding supplier and come across ones that aren’t 100% interested in you and what you would like, walk away. You’ll never be happy and you’ll end up paying good money to/ for something you’re not happy with. 

If you’re a couple, looking for a wedding supplier and they are more interested in an ‘easy life’ or out from themselves, walk away… they’re time keepers and probably inflexible and have done the same thing, and created/ produced the same product or service over and over again. Your wedding day is not a ‘one size fits all’ occasion. You are not the same as every  other couple. You want a wedding supplier who can be flexible, work with you and gets excited about you and your wedding. And, at the very least, if you’re stood there, with a deposit in your hand, you want a wedding supplier who is going to take your phone number and call you back! 

 The funny thing… 4 different wedding suppliers ‘simply couldn’t take’ the brides details that day.

Wonder why they were paying around €1500 {at least} to be there then?! If they don’t need customers why pay thousands to be at a big wedding fair… perhaps I am missing something? 

I also want to talk about why some couples shouldn’t have bothered going, but I think Ill address this in a second post, otherwise you’ll end up reading all night… so stay tuned for part two! 🙂







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