What the hell is a Wedding Planner?

What the hell is a Wedding Planner?

To this day people tell me they would love to do what I do {being a Wedding Planner that is}. Of course, there are those who instantly say they would absolutely hate to do what I do, that they could never deal with demanding brides or fussy wedding suppliers. Which really only confirms the fact that many people don’t actually know what it is I do. Not really at least. {My brides are rarely demanding and wedding suppliers are among the nicest people I know!}

We’ve all seen the really funny photo montages on Wedding Planners right? Like these?



{ Source }











In truth, what I do is a little bit of all of this… accept of course steal my client’s money or wear a wonder woman costume on a daily basis { no matter how much I may want to! 🙂 }

In my early twenties when I was first really introduced to weddings I didn’t know what a Wedding Planner did either. I suppose much like I didn’t really know the realities of being an Interior Designer too. Sure it was fun to look at bridal magazines, choose wedding dresses  and  dream up gorgeous decor at the start but it was some time before I realised the logistics and knowledge behind {what some believe to be an airy fairy title}.

Lets be real, planning a wedding is not rocket science. Strictly speaking, if you put your mind to it anyone can do it… then again, strictly speaking, if you really put your mind to it anyone could  be a rocket scientist too; we  just don’t all have the aptitude to do it. That’s the  same with planning weddings. Anyone can do it, but some shouldn’t. Ever.

So what the hell is a Wedding Planner?

  • A Wedding Planner is something who knows as much about weddings as they can possibly fit in their heads. { You would not believe some of the most random  stuff I know about weddings, I even surprise myself on occasion!}  And if they can’t fit it in the their head, they have a file, document, database, book or contact who knows the answer.
  • They are a person { or sometimes a team } who can guide, direct, help or indeed just do it all for you.
  • They have the best contacts or can seek our the best solutions for what you are looking for.
  • They know that a buttonhole goes on the left and that a ladies corsage goes ‘upside down’ on the right.
  • They can anticipate problems before they happen or fix those that will happen { cause everyone wedding has its moments }.
  • They are a couple’s best friend, confidant,  sounding board, hiding place, personal assistant and  sometimes baby sitter and dog walker in the lead up to the wedding.
  • In short, if its to do with the wedding, and you’ve hired the wedding planner for that service they can do it and will know about it… at least a good Wedding Planner should!

Obviously all this knowledge doesn’t come over night… I’m 10 Years planning weddings and I am still learning. In fact, someone famous once said to me that I’ve probably forgotten more things about weddings than most will ever know about weddings… and that is true 😉

Oh p.s. I should probably mention, Wedding Planning isn’t a job, not even so much a career, it becomes your life style… some people would even  say it can define you… although I don’t necessarily believe that. It’s not a 9-5 either, even if they do become your core office hours… truth is, somehow weddings become your life… so if you are thinking about becoming a Wedding Planner be sure 🙂 because sometimes there is no getting out! 🙂

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