IKEA wants my house…

in their magazine… ahhhhhhhhh!!

Those of you who have read our ‘Meet the Team’ section will know that in a previous life I was an Interior Designer. When you hear that you think {or at least some do} ‘oh her house must be amazing!’

…I’ve a nice house… amazing, well… not yet… magazine ready… I would never have thought so!

First when they got in touch I was ecstatic… then slowly { ok, overnight } panic set in.

As the date for the shoot approached I think I forgot all reasoning… as a Planner I’ve coordinated loads of photo-shoots {most internationally published} but I suppose because of the super intimate nature of this shoot I was freaking out! Two days before the shoot, James, my darling hubby, had to sit me down and thank god he did! {I think he may have been at his wits end too, and slightly concerned for my credit card.}  He reminded me that I was a Planner and that I just needed to approach this like work… and do you know what, it worked!

So {as a Planner} what are my top tips to preparing your house for a magazine shoot?

1. Realise that houses pictured in magazines aren’t really how {those people, or anyone} live{s} in a house! Its all minimalist staging.

2. Start preparing early. Finish those projects you’ve been putting off and start and finish those you’ve always wanted to do.

3. Treating yourself to a few new key pieces is a must {read: ok 🙂 }

4. If you’re not sure how to present your house look at magazines or  Pinterest for inspiration.

5. Fresh flowers and candles sort most trouble spots!

6. Plump cushions, tidy clutter and straighten all your furniture.

7. Remember to tidy what’s outside your windows and glass doors!

8. Your pets will probably want to be in every shot! Give them their moment and then have some treats to occupy them.

9.  Remove all your cosmetics and bottles from the bathroom & bedroom before you shoot it.

10. You’ll really want to live in ‘your’ minimalist magazine ready house after its set { hire a skip to throw out half your house afterwards!}

My shoot is over, and I thoroughly enjoyed it {in the end} when I remembered how good I am at my job, I can’t wait for the feature to  come out, which I share with you guys once  it does, but for now here is a little sneak  peak of  some shots that I don’t think will give too much away 🙂










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