I’m on YouTube :)

I’m on YouTube

Launching a YouTube Channel is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and today it finally happened {read I got around to it 🙂 }

It’s not perfect and I still have a lot to learn but I’ve started.

I’ve had very minor florays into YouTubing before but from today my goal is to provide regular updates, tips and advice.

So what is the channel all about?

Well, as you’ll seeing from watching, this YouTube Channel is going to be a personal aspect to my Wedding Planning Business. Here, through video, I’m going to share ideas and  tips on how I work full time { planning multiple weddings at once}, keep my family and home going and do the things I love the most. My idea that it will offer personal support to my clients in other aspects of their lives to help support them further as they plan their weddings. And of course this extra personal support will be available to anyone who watches the videos!

I’m not a professional videographer. I’m not a professional film editor. But I do have loads of great content planned. Check out my first video below!

My aim for this YouTube Channel titled Wedding, Work, Life Balance – how I keep it all today! is to share tips and advice not just wedding planning. Here I’m also going to share get tips and advice on how to keep you, your house, your life and your family organised, and doing all the things you need and want to do. Ill also be sharing things I love across all areas of my life, and what I’m doing as well. Ill try and tag and label every video specifically, adding to an appropriate playlist so if you are only interested in one aspect of what I’m sharing you don’t have to wade through all the videos to find that aspect.

Today’s video will be one of few { hopefully} with a little cross over. For those who have been kind enough to watch it in full { thank you by the way} I talk about two different organisational tips; 1. for the home 2. for wedding planning.

As promised in the video I’m sharing with you my own personal Master House Shopping List that I use to do my weekly shop. Check out the video as to how I use it and how useful I find it!

Hope you enjoy!