Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been watching a ‘documentary’ on Channel 4 called Married at First Sight. To be honest I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or openly mock it.

The show is billed as being a social experiment.

FIFTEEN HUNDRED single people in Britain applied to take part to be ‘scientifically’ paired up with their ideal partner who they would meet at the top of the aisle at their legally binding wedding { to which they had a 5 week ‘op out clause’ after the big day}; beforehand all they would know is the name of their future spouse.

After many, many tests the fifteen hundred where whittled down to 3 couples; all heterosexual, all white, all young; a real social experiment.

Once matched ‘by the experts’ the couples then had a few weeks to tell their families of their impending nuptials and prepare for a wedding {on their own} with no knowledge of what the other spouse was doing for the wedding. During this time one bride pulled out, as her family where very much against it and one other bride walked the aisle and got married without her father present because he wasn’t behind it either.

To be perfectly honest I think it a total farce and insult to the sanctity of marriage.

I appreciate that the 3 couples who where matched participated in the social experiment because they wanted to get married and had tried everything {according to them} to try and find a suitable partner. I’m all on for trying different things to find a new relationship, but marriage isn’t something you look for, its something you work and grow towards and its not something you go into with a 5 week get out clause {that’s just pointless if you ask me!}.

Marriage is wonderful, hard work, precious and definitely not something you enter into lightly or with the thinking if this doesn’t work, sure its grand I can walk away in 5 weeks.

Not even getting into the social experiment that seems to have so nicely produced young, beautiful, heterosexual, white couples {out of 1,500 people}, but to allow them to enter into marriage so lightly and with no connection, or history between them and then to say to them – don’t worry, in 5 weeks, if its not working you can divorce!

What the hell can you really achieve in a relationship in 5 weeks ?

I’m a little miffed. Can you tell ?

Marriage is not a social experiment. Marriage is the fabric of society. Science can do many wonderful things; in my opinion in can not find you a perfect partner. While its important that a couple should share similar values, aspirations, goals, ideals and ideas, its also very important that those in a couple be different to each other, challenge each other and have a sense of connection, history and evolution before taking such an important step as marriage. Making it a social experiment with a ‘get out of jail free’ clause is utterly wrong in my opinion.

What do you think ?

Do you agree with such experiments ? Would you consider participating in one ? Have you seen the show ?

This week we find out how the couples get on honeymoon and with leaving together. I’ll continue to watch with skeptical interest. Its on Thursday July 23rd at 9pm on Channel 4.



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