My Parisian Love Affair Destination Wedding Look

My Parisian Love Affair Destination Wedding Look

This evening I looked at 1,810 wedding dresses. Yes, you read that right, 1,810.

I know you’ll all want to know where, and some why, {but not a judgy why – because you all share my passion} but to know what exciting things I’m at today. 

I’m gonna have to rewind a little to get to the where and why…

A short while ago I got a very cool email from the gorgeous people at, they wanted to know if I would be interested in participating in their new exciting project a ‘Passport to Fashion’. What is that you ask? Well if you didn’t know before, is this amazing site for planning your wedding. Think a little like Pinterest but just for weddings. The Passport to Fashion Project is where they invite bloggers & peoples whose style they admire to choose one of the dresses on their site and accessories with one of three destinations in mind; Paris, Bora Bora or Naples. 

Right up my ally -so of course I said yes straight away. When I first read the email I thought, of course, I’ll choose Naples! I’ve shared my obsession with Italy with you all before, it seemed only natural… and then I fell in love with a dress and that sorta changed everything… 

This is the dress… 


Isn’t it just divine! It’s dreamy, romantic and absolutely gorgeous! This is an Ombre Tulle Ball Gown with Pick up Skirt from White by Vera Wang Collection. And do you want to know the best part? It is only $1,348.00 – an absolute steal! You can see why I fell in love and why I had to move my destination to Paris … don’t you? 

So what did I team this with? 

Crown & Veil

I’ve kitted my Parisian Love Affair Bride out from head to toe starting with this stunning statement piece floral crown to which I would add a little brooch detailing to the some of the larger peonies {which will be reflected elswhere}. I’ve teamed it with this really elegant and ‘barely there’ Lighter Than Air Veil from

And how should my bride look? Soooo glad you asked! 

Hair & Make Up

Stunning, simple style for both hair and make up for our Paris bound bride. 

And for the rest of her accessories… blush all the way baby!



I adore these Badgley Mischka Shoes only $200.00 in blush { available in other colours too} and I somehow find the perfect garter {by Anna Marguerite on Etsy}  that mirrors the shoes’ detailing perfectly!

My statement piece {other than the dress itself of course} is the floral crown so I’ve kept the accessories simple and chosen just these dazzling Rose Gold TeardropEarrings {again from Etsy} … currently listed at only €30.37 {and yes they are in my cart!}.

And finally, and some may think this a slightly odd choice, considering I have a fresh floral crown on my brides head… but I’ve chosen an Heirloom Bouquet made of silk flowers & brooches. So why you might ask… well, for all  intensives purposes this a Destination Wedding and for those who choose to marry aboard, they don’t always get to enjoy their bouquets but by having an Heirloom Bouquet like this you can for the rest of your life 🙂 

So one of the things wanted to know by me participating in this project is; did the location inspire the dress or did the dress inspire the location… I suppose, for me, it was a bit of both. It was sorta like how everyone always talks about finding ‘The One’ when it comes to wedding dresses. After looking at the 1,810 wedding dresses on as soon as I saw this dress I knew it was the one and I knew it had to be worn in Paris! 



{ Source }

What did you think of my choices? Would you wear this to your Parisian Love Affair Destination Wedding? 

Parisian Love Affair


This is a syndicated article and was first published by me on on 12.01.15

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