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Our Menu of Wedding Planning Services

We can help you with as much or as little of your wedding plans as you might need.  Our services are designed for your individual wedding.

As you’ve {probably} never planned a wedding before, you’re possibly not sure what you actually need help with. Our complimentary no obligation consultation is designed to get you focused on what you need from a Wedding Planner.  

First thing to know about us is; whether you are planning an intimate elopement or week long wedding celebration regardless if you’ve only just gotten engaged or are mere weeks away from saying ‘I do’; we can work with you to ensure everything goes to plan.

Second; your wedding always remains one hundred percent in your control. Our role is to expertly help you make it all happen.

Third; the services we offer are styled to your individual needs. We don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ wedding planning packages. You can pick and choose the services you want. You may decide to have help with just one, or a few or all of the following:

Our Consultation Range

Complimentary Consultation*

{Get to know us before you hire us} 

Your Wedding Planning Basics

{ A vision and priority review of your wedding and development of your personal wedding planning timeline.} 

Your Personal Wedding Budget

{Identifying what your vision and priorities cost and what you can afford.}

Understanding what is required to get married.

{for Symbolic, Civil and Religious Ceremonies} 

What to look for in your Wedding Suppliers

{Available specifically for each wedding supplier type or generally to cover common areas to consider.}

Etiquette and Protocol Advice

{Understand what you need to and should be doing as you plan your wedding.}

Our Planning Range

Ceremony Venue Recommendation & Research

{for Symbolic, Civil and Religious Ceremonies}

Reception Venue Recommendation & Research

Day After Venue Recommendation & Research

Celebrant Recommendation & Research

{for Symbolic, Civil and Religious Ceremonies}

Wedding Supplier Recommendation & Research

{ for all wedding suppliers you need and wish to consider}

Available for individual supplier groups or for the entire wedding.

 Budget Management

{To ensure you keep to your allocated wedding budget  and advice on how to continue to do so.}

 Ceremony Planning & Logistics

{To ensure the best use of space and amenities for your wedding ceremony}

Reception Planning & Logistics

{To ensure the best use of space and amenities for your wedding reception}

 Day After Planning & Logistics

{To ensure the best use of space and amenities for your day after celebrations}

 Telephone & Email Support and Guidance

{It’s beneficial to have a professional to offer their  support, guidance, reassurance, knowledge or advice.}

Our Design Range

Wedding Style & Look Book Creation

{We help to take the vision you have {or help you create a vision if you don’t}  and design a wedding Look Book for you that can guide all your choices.} 

VIP Wedding Attire Styling & Shopping

{Chauffeur driven shopping day{s}, with Prosecco and Afternoon Tea}

Wedding Attire Styling & Shopping

{Assisting and/or attending with you all the appointments and shopping trips you require to ensure everyone is suitably dressed.}

On the day Styling and Set up

{We ensure your wedding looks exactly like you planned.}

Guest Welcome Bags

{Helping you select, create and deliver a selection of gifts for your guests.}

Our Coordination Range

Guest List Management

{Including RSVP & Seating Chart Advice and Management}

Guest Accommodation Recommendations & Research

Guest Trip & Activity Days

{Keep your guests happy and entertained for the days prior or after your wedding}

Wedding Supplier Coordination

{Ensuring everyone knows what, where and when}

Rehearsal & Ceremony Coordination

{To ensure you and all your wedding party, readers, musicians etc know exactly what to do and when}

Wedding Day Coordination

{Present with you to ensure everything happens as planned}

Wedding Day Emergency Solutions 

Day After Coordination

{Present with you to ensure everything happens as planned}

Wedding Venue services - The wedding expert

If some, or all of these wedding consultation, planning, coordination or design services interest you get in touch with us now to chat about your wedding and how we can help you make it happen.

You can reach us +353 {0}1 254 9350 or email us on to get to know us a little more and book your complimentary consultation.

* Our complimentary consultation is offered to any couple considering our services. 

It’s important to know you’re hiring the right people, and for us to know we’re working with the right people. The only way to do that is to get to know each other a little better. This complimentary consultation is offered once to each couple to either meet us in person { in Dublin City, or the Greater Area} or by phone or Skype for those based further afield and gives us all a chance to get to know each other a little more before we agree to work together.