The Wedding Expert has Won !

The Wedding Expert has Won ! 

It’s award season in the wedding industry and as we wrap up another great year here at The Wedding Expert we’re entering 2017 on a high ! 

Just before Christmas we were delighted to receive that news that we’d been nominated for not one, but two prestigious awards ! And only a few short days ago we received the great news that we had won ! Keely, James and I are so very greatly to those who nominated us and to the lovely Judging Panel who humbled us with the win ! 

Nominated and Shortlisted for the Luxury Travel Guides Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist 2017 

It is always an honour to be considered for any award. Especially when a client or peer has put you forward for one. This is the second time this has happened to us here at The Wedding Expert with the Luxury Travel Guide European Awards. First in 2015 and now again in 2017. We really put our heart and soul into every wedding we work on and we really hope that shows. 

Also a Finalist in The Irish Wedding Awards 

Are awards like buses… they always come in multiples ? We hope so ! Because mere days after learning of our nomination in the Luxury Travel Guide European Awards we also learnt that we’d been nominated for The Irish Wedding Awards and were a finalist in our category of Wedding Planner of Year ! These awards are still a little while off, as the gorgeous Judges make their deliberations but perhaps it’s time to dust off our party frocks and get the hair done for the Awards Ceremony …. just in case ?! 

Keep your fingers crossed, maybe we’ll take this baby home too ?! 


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