I wrote a wedding planning book because of a joke!

When I was a teenager I would write the same 3 New Years Resolutions every year.

1. Go to college.

2. Loose weight.

3. Write a book.

Always the same. I remember sitting on a plane flying god knows where and thinking to myself, how did I end up here?! { Well,  actually I knew the answer to that question, my career guidance teacher, in her infinite wisdom didn’t think I had what it took to become  a pilot and suggested I become an Air Hostess instead… stupidly I took her advice.} But back to the story at hand, I was sitting there, during take off, thinking to myself, I write the same three resolutions every year but they never happen!

I hadn’t gone to college.

I hadn’t lost weight.  {Well ok, a little,  all that sky high walking was good for something.}

And I hadn’t written a book.

I couldn’t figure it out. Fast forward a couple of months, and like a bolt from the sky {irony is not lost} I realised I hadn’t done any of these things because writing them down is only a very small part of the process. They all required action!

So… I quit my job, moved back to Ireland and went to college, graduated, became an Interior Designer, fell in love with weddings, left interior design, became a wedding planner and started a business. { Yes I realise that’s alot to cover in one sentence but long time readers will have caught up to speed on some of that already! 🙂 }

A few years after the bolt…

I was asked to write an article for a wedding magazine. My first. I did, and submitted it. The editor rang me to say that it was great! He was really impressed! He wanted to see more and he joked around with me that I should write a book. I hung up the phone and remembered my third resolution. Write a book. 

I turned to my business partner and  said,

‘You’ll never believe what that editor just said to me… he said I should write a book!’ {insert nervous {i could never do that, could I?} laugh here}.

‘Why don’t you?’ was his reply.

And I did, I started there and then. It took me 3 months to write the first draft and on the first of January 2008 I posted it to a publisher. Two weeks later they called for a meeting and nine  months later  my book was sitting on shelves.




Distinctive Weddings; Tying the Knot without the Rope Burns is available in most good book stores including Easons and Veritas and can be bought online through Amazon in both Hardcopy and for the Kindle.

So what does all this mean?

Nothing will happen in your life {that you want} if you don’t go out and actually start. {And sometimes we do all need a little push… even if it said in  jest! }

Ps… I’ve since written a fictional book too called The Meaning of Purple Tulips 🙂 Go me!!

I did go to college, twice actually and also became a lecturer and even wrote a Diploma and Post Grad course{s} so I feel I well and truly covered that one.

However… the whole weight thing… still a challenge! But then, I still haven’t taken action!

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